The PsycApps team is very excited and honoured to be featured by TechCrunch, and grateful to Mike Butcher to put the spotlight on PsycApps, and more importantly Mental Health.


Health Tech, especially tech for Mental Health is a new frontier we are taking on full-speed, and we will not rest until everyone, everywhere has access to digital mental health care.


The app which the article so beautifully highlights, has exciting new features we are testing that will empower people to self-manage depression, and we promise it will be so much more evolved than the current clinical trial version on the app store. We ask for your patience, and if you would like to be updated, please sign up, and you will be the first to know when we go live with the new version.


 Until then keep fighting the good fight...



In times of confusion and pain, it is difficult to know where to go for help, and who to trust. Most people feel overwhelmed by the many different therapy forms which leads them to not looking for help until the suffering gets unbearable. But those days are over: finally, our dedicated team brings to you an app that will take care of helping you understand what you are experiencing, and will lead you to trusted professionals.


No more uneasiness and feeling alone – our app guides you through the science of disorders in an easily understandable way. We help you figure out if you are suffering from depression, and offer you possibilities from self-help all the way to a therapist who is just a click away. Find out what is going on with yourself, take advantage of evidence based mobile therapy features and monitor your steady path back to a happier and healthier you.



Clients all over London are ready to find their own, personal therapist. They know they need support, but hesitate to take that step over the threshold. With our app users are smoothly guided through psychoeducation right to an appointment with you. All of PsycApps applications are evidence based, and ethically sound, making it easier for people in difficult life situations to get to the help they deserve.


We not only bring you clients, but our features help you strengthen your therapeutic alliance with them and make sure they do not terminate therapy before they are good and ready to. Enjoy the smooth and easy scheduling. Experience your clients allowing you to join them on their daily journey by giving you access to their scores and stats. Communicate easily and have us help you with reminders and alerts. Send them assignments and questionnaires, while keeping track of your notes in the easiest way possible.


Keep a Journal



Keep a journal of your daily progress, how you feel, events you have experienced, your reactions to situations and your mood.

Set Tasks



Set yourself tasks, single or multiple, with reminders and alerts to keep you on track with your mental health progress.

Connect with Therapists



Connect discretely with recommended therapists who can help you in your area without the barriers or stigma.






Immogene G. Events Manager.


My Mom has never been a very perky person, but the last few months she was really bad - she wouldn't leave her bed for days in a row. I did the test with her, and yup: she was going through a depression.


The tips on the app help me help her, and I am looking for a therapist as well.

Edward H., Creative Professional.


I thought I was going through stress from a demanding job with lots of pressure to meet deadlines. I just wanted my mind to be blank, stop caring about everything, and didn't want to think about anything.


A friend made me take the test on PsycApps, and the results were an awakening. I then became aware that people around me were starting to realize I was actually depressed and it was horrible.


The tips really helped and made me start taking better care of my state of mind and physical fitness.

Lisa A., Personal Assistant.


 I was going through a bad break up and it wasn't getting better. People were telling me that I maybe had a depression, but how would I know?


After using PsycApps and doing the screening I was glad I did: my depression score was quite high, and that pushed me to finally start therapy. I'm doing a lot better now, and keeping track of my progress is easy on the app.

Matthew B., Business Executive.


Being able to see life and its events in the perspective of hindsight as they happen is a luxury.


When my father passed away unexpectedly a number of years ago, my life took an unexpected turn for the worst, even though everything was perfect. I thought I was going through a normal grieving process, but my character changed completely.


After using the PsycApps recently in retrospect, it became quite obvious I was going through a severe depression lasting four years. If only PsycApps was available back then, it would have made me seek the help that was needed.




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